Adventures in the Rifle Brigade cover art by Brian Bolland

Adventures in the Rifle Brigade is a World War II comedy comic written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Carlos Ezquerra with covers by Brian Bolland. Two miniseries, both of three issues, have been published by DC's Vertigo imprint: Adventures in the Rifle Brigade in 2000, and Adventures in the Rifle Brigade: Operation Bollock in 2001-2002. The two miniseries were collected in one volume in 2004.

The Rifle Brigade is a British special forces commando unit commanded by Captain Darcy and staffed with a variety of oddball and at times deviant soldiers from varied British cities and allied nations: Second Lieutenant Cecil Milk, Sergeant Crumb, Corporal Geezer, Hank the Yank and the Piper. The two stories concerns their various covert missions across Europe and Africa and their relevance to the Allied victory. Operation Bollock in particular focused on the team's diplomatic and action-packed attempts to gain for themselves a powerful occult artifact, the missing testicle of Adolf Hitler. It is being held in the small Arabic country of Semmen and is being pursued by many forces, German, American and British, none of which the Brigade can trust. The American forces are represented by Maryland Smith, a whip-wielding adventurer with the unwanted nickname of "Mary".

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