Alfred Stewart Moore, born in Portrush, County Antrim, on 30 June 1871, son of James Stewart, an importer of peat and moss litter, and his wife Eliza Jane, was a journalist and satirist. He first came to prominence as a writer for Ireland's Saturday Night in the mid-1890s, and founded the satirical magazine The Magpie in Belfast in 1898, which he edited under the name "Nomad" and wrote for under a variety of pseudonyms. He left The Magpie in July 1899 and founded Nomad's Weekly, which lasted until 1914. He was an expert on old Belfast, wrote a series of essays on the subject, and published a book, Old Belfast, in 1951. In 1926 he became the linen correspondent of the Belfast News Letter. By the time of his death, in Belfast on 10 November 1961, he was linen correspondent for the New York-based magazine Linens and Domestics.

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