Battlefields Vol 1 (2009)

Battlefields is a series of miniseries of war stories by Garth Ennis and various artists, published by Dynamite Entertainment in the USA.

The first series, published in 2008-2009) comprised three 3-part stories:

  • "The Night Witches" (drawn by Russell Braun) - set on the Eastern Front, following a group of female Soviet bomber pilots
  • "Dear Billy" (drawn by Peter Snejbjerg) - a British nurse who survived rape and attempted murder by Japanese soldiers in Singapore strikes up a relationship with a wounded pilot
  • "Tankies" (drawn by Carlos Ezquerra) - follows an inexperienced British tank crew in the Battle of Normandy

A graphic novel collecting the first story was published in December 2009.

A second series, in the same format, began in December 2009. Stories are:

  • "Happy Valley", drawn by P. J. Holden, about an Australian RAF bomber crew flying missions over Germany's Ruhr Valley
  • "The Firefly and his Majesty", drawn by Carlos Ezquerra - a sequel to "Tankies", in which the crew pursue a German King Tiger tank in the last days of the war
  • "Motherland", drawn by Russell Braun, is a sequel to "The Night Witches", in which Lieutenant Anna Kharkova is transferred to fighters and thrown in at the deep end, with more responsibility than she expected.
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