Bloody Mary cover art by Carlos Ezquerra

Bloody Mary is a science fiction comic written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Carlos Ezquerra. The protagonist is a commando and former nun, Corporal Mary Malone, who fights for the UK and USA against a fascist Europe in the year 2012. Two miniseries, both of four issues, have been published by DC's Helix imprint: Bloody Mary (1996-97) and Bloody Mary: Lady Liberty (1997). Both miniseries were collected as a single volume by Vertigo in 2005.

In the first series, Mary is sent to Europe to retrieve a doomsday weapon now in the hands of her former commander. The second deals with a religious maniac who has taken over New York City and is slaughtering thousands of innocent people. As part of her "price" for this second mission, Mary demands the Statue of Liberty be rebuilt.

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