Bob Neilson, 2009

Bob Neilson is a writer from Dublin and a founding editor of the science fiction magazine Albedo One (1993-present).

His comics include The Big Fellow (art by Alan Casey, 1997), in which a time-travelling BBC documentary crew film, and and interfere with, the Philistine champion Goliath; Daddy's Rules (art by Carlos Devisia, 2006), a suburban horror story; and Father Further Investigates (art by Denise O'Moore, 2006). He is also the editor of a Graphic Novel, Spell Maffia (story by John Lee and art by Denise O'Moore) which contains his first Father Further story (art by Denise O'Moore).

His short fiction has been published in a variety of anthologies and magazines since 1989, and in two collections, Without Honour (Aeon Press, 1997) and That's Entertainment (Elastic Press, 2007). He has written science fiction radio plays for RTÉ radio and Anna Livia FM, for whom he presented a magazine programme about science fiction in the 1990s. He is currently working to promote the international translation of science fiction stories.

Hew runs a successful retail business with his wife, Stacey.

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