Burnt soul

Burnt Soul (2006)

Burnt Soul is a 132-page graphic novel written by Kieran Murphy, drawn by Marco Tarditti, and published by Canadian publisher Coscom Entertainment in 2006.

It started with a letter pinned to a lifeless body in the rundown Dublin suburb of Ballyrunner. It promised more victims and more bloodshed. It declared that those responsible for a heinous crime would be hunted down and would finally face justice. And the writer vowed that he would not stop until the job was done. The letter did not lie. Sergeant Sean McGrath faces the onerous task of bringing the city's first serial killer to justice. At first glance, the task appears to be simple. But life is never that simple. Leads are followed, searches conducted and arrests made, and all the while the bodies keep piling up as Burnt Soul works his way through the criminal fraternity of Ballyrunner, killing without mercy, compassion or feeling. The gangsters become jumpy, the drug dealers edgy--everyone holds their breath to see who is next. McGrath must lead the chase to find and capture the monster before he claims more lives, perhaps even those who don't deserve justice. And as McGrath does so, the final words from that letter ring in his ears: "I am WRATH. And THEY WILL FEAR ME."

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