Cancertown by Cy Dethan, Stephen Downey and Melanie Cook

Cancertown is a graphic novel written by Cy Dethan, drawn by Stephen Downey, and coloured by Melanie Cook, with a cover by Paul Cartwright, published by Insomnia Publications in 2009. Since the closure of Insomnia in 2010, the book will be published by Markosia.

It is the story of a former mental patient with an inoperable brain tumour who conducts search-and-rescue missions into a monstrous, alternate version of London. The character's name is Morley, and he suffers from a rare mental disorder that causes him to believe a number of weird things about himself and his relationship to the outside world. The major upshot of this is that his delusions manifest themselves in a twisted alternate world he calls Cancertown. The real fun for Morley begins when dispossessed people - those who are lost or who have a diminished sense of their own identity - start to fall into Cancertown, and Morley decides that his purpose in life is to find those people and return them to the real world before they become permanent residents.

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