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Deirdre agus Mic Uisnigh (2008)

Cló Mhaigh Eo is a publisher of Irish-language books for children and teenagers, based in Claremorris, County Mayo. It publishes a line of Irish language comics based on Irish history and mythology, all written by Colmán Ó Raghallaigh and drawn by artists from the Cartoon Saloon.


  • An Sclábhaí ("the slave", 2001) and An Teachtaire ("the messenger", 2003), drawn by Tomm Moore, tell the story of Saint Patrick.
  • An Tóraíocht ("the pursuit", 2002), drawn by Paul Young, is a story from Irish mythology. Gráinne, intended bride of the aging hero Fionn mac Cumhaill, elopes with the young warrior Diarmaid.
  • An Táin ("the cattle-raid", 2006), drawn by Barry Reynolds, adapts the Irish epic in which queen Méabh of Connacht invades Ulster to steal the bull Donn Cuailnge, opposed by the teenage Ulster hero Cú Chulainn.
  • Deirdre agus Mic Uisnigh ("Deirdre and the sons of Uisnech", 2008), the tragic love-triangle, drawn by Barry Reynolds.

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