Judge Dredd illustration by Dermot Power

Dermot Power (b. Dungarvan, County Waterford, 22 July 1967) is a comics artist, illustrator, movie concept artist and storyboard artist. He moved to London in 1987, where he painted covers for video games for Virgin Games in 1989-90. The cover of a Judge Dredd game led to work for 2000AD, where he painted Judge Dredd and Sláine from 1991 to 1997, including the Batman-Judge Dredd crossover The Ultimate Riddle in 1995. He also painted a four issue miniseries, Digitek, for Marvel UK in 1992, and numerous covers for 2000AD, the Judge Dredd Megazine and Sonic the Comic. In 1997 he drew character designs for the Hallmark TV miniseries Merlin, which led to further work in TV, and, in 1998, concept design work on the Star Wars film Attack of the Clones. Since then he has worked on films such as V for Vendetta, Batman Begins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Beowulf, the Harry Potter series, and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. He lives in London with his partner Charlotte and their son Eolan.

Comics bibliographyEdit

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