Dicks cover art by John McCrea

Dicks is an irregular comedy series set in Belfast, written by Garth Ennis and drawn by John McCrea, initially published by Caliber Comics and later by Avatar Press. Ennis describes it as "the ongoing saga of two idiots from Belfast, by two idiots from Belfast". The series is full of crude humour and strong Belfast dialect.

The main characters, Dougie Patterson and Ivor Thompson, first appeared as supporting characters in Ennis and McCrea's Troubled Souls, and then as lead characters in the follow-up, For a Few Troubles More, in Fleetway's anthology Crisis in 1989-90. The first four-issue series of Dicks, in which Dougie and Ivor become private detectives (although the first issue is an abridged rewrite of For a Few Troubles More), was published by Caliber in 1997. This series was reprinted with extra material as Bigger Dicks by Avatar in 2002 and published in a collected edition the same year. Also in 2002, Avatar published a second four-issue series, Dicks 2, in which Dougie and Ivor form a band, travel into space, avert an alien invasion and defeat radioactive sectarian monsters Prodzilla and Atom-Mick. An X-Mas Special was published in 2004, and a Winter Special in 2005.

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