Slow #1, 2010

Elida Maiques is a cartoonist, illustrator and filmmaker originally from Spain, based in Dublin until her departure in 2012. She is a member of the Tinderbox Network, a Dublin-based not-for-profit creative group. Several of Elida's comics are bilingually functional, with separate hand-lettered text in both English and Spanish.

Her comics work is often small-run limited edition comics and handmade books. Her main vehicle for these is Slow, a series of fold-out (to A3) full-colour minicomics containg assorted shorter strips.

Tea follows a similar format: 32 (black and white) pages folding out to A4. The (sealed) piece folds into a tea-bag sized comic, with a tag, and is coloured, in places, with black tea. The work was released in August 2011[1]

Upon return to Valencia, Maiques continued her comics work in the anthology Polen. Released in late December 2012, the limited run of 150 copies sold out within six days.

Elida has contributed to the anthologies Romantic Mayhem and Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow .



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