Dope fiends 2

Dope Fiends #2

Emmett Taylor is a Galway-based cartoonist behind the underground mini-comic Dope Fiends. Taylor's entry into making his own mini-comics came through a meeting with Andrew Luke and attendance with the DNA Swamp workshop. Taylor went on to produce five issues of Dope Fiends between 1998 and 2000, which became fairly successful in terms of small press comics, with some issues on a print run of several thousand. Dope Fiends was reviewed, and excerpts included in several American zines, such as Stuff.

Taylor also contributed a full twenty-two pages to Bob's Annual 1. Ten pages were drawn for another of Andrew Luke's scripts for English creator Gary Parkin's Hero and the Peacekeepers comic, as well as Taylor's five page contribution, "Football Friends", to Parkin's Fuzzball Jam.

Emmett went on to draw commissioned adult art and creche murals, and became an organiser of Dublin Comics Marts.

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