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Gar Shanley is a cartoonist, writer and filmmaker from Dublin, and the creator of the satirical comics All Rise (1994) and Fugger (2008). He is the writer and co-creator, with artist Cathal Duggan of Superhero Showcase (2009), a superhero satire published by the spoof publisher Windell Comics. A followup, Supernatural Showcase, was published in December 2010. The pair also created "The Living Proton" in the 2008 anthology Sorry I can't take your call right now but I'm off saving the world, and make Windell animated shorts with Richard O'Shea. In 2010 he launched the webcomic Crap Man, and wrote the short colour comic Some Blue Bloke, illustrated by Deirdre de Barra. In 2012 he edited, and wrote several strips for, the satirical romance anthology Romantic Mayhem, and one of his blog posts was adapted as a comic, American Independent Feature Film, by Deirdre de Barra.

Trained as a screenwriter, he writes films for the Irish Film Board, often in collaboration with Lorcan Finnegan, and directed the short film The Dog Has Worms, written by Cathal Duggan.

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