Illustration by Gavin Marks

Gavin Marks is an artist, writer and inker associated with Longstone Comics. He inked "Planet Dave" (artist - Ben Hennessy, writer - Peter C. Loftus) which appeared in the first Longstone Comics anthology (2008), and wrote and drew "The Exorcism", which appeared in the same issue. He inked Hennessy's "The Breakup" in the second anthology (2009), drew a section of the collaborative sci-fi/horror story in the third, "They Came From Outer Space" (2009), and was part of the inking team on "White Canvas", drawn by Kieran McKeown, for the for the fourth anthology which will be released at 2D in June 2010.

He's also a founding editor of Wolfman Productions International. He drew "Unincredible Man" in issue 1 of Havoc 21, and wrote and drew "From The Darkness" in issue 3.

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