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Gerry Hunt is a comics writer and artist based in Dublin. Born in Dublin about 1936, he grew up in Sligo and worked as an architect for 25 years. In 1986 he turned to political cartooning, and from there to comics. He began with a rhyming, Spanish-language comic he gave away to friends.

In 2003 he created In Dublin City, two issues of which were published by Atomic Diner. The first issue features a legendary poker game set in a grim Dublin pub, and in the second a woman leaves Dublin to search the seven seas for her wayward child's father. A collected edition, coloured by Bren B, was later published by Dublin Comics, who also published the follow-up, Streets of Dublin, an inner-city crime story, in 2005. Art from Streets of Dublin was included in the "Artists' Books" exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

In 2009 he created Blood Upon the Rose, a retelling of the events of the 1916 Easter Rising published by The O'Brien Press. Draugr in Dublin City, a comic about an undead Viking who wakes in the modern day after his grave is plundered by treasure hunters, was published by Dublin Comics in spring 2012, with a cover by Glenn Fabry and design and lettering by Alan Nolan. In October 2012 The O'Brien Press published At War with the Empire, retelling the Irish war of independence.


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