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Goddess cover art by Phil Winslade

Goddess is a miniseries written by Garth Ennis, drawn and coloured by Phil Winslade and published by DC's Vertigo imprint in 1995. An early work by Ennis, it was originally commissioned by Disney's abortive Touchmark adult comics imprint in 1991, before being acquired by Vertigo when it launched in 1993. It contains early treatments of some of the ideas Ennis was to revisit in Preacher.

Rosie Nolan, an Irish girl working as a zookeeper in London, is a goddess, one of eight planetary deities, although she doesn't realise it until her powers manifest themselves and she causes a geographical rift between England and Scotland, leading some unsavoury characters to take an interest in her. She and her unstable friends Jeff, who she saved from committing suicide and is now in love with her, Mudhawk, a violent environmentalist, and Mudhawk's angry ex-girlfriend Sam, seek enlightenment, pursued by misanthropic CIA agent Harry Hooks, vicious British policeman Constable George Dixon, and London gangsters the Butcher Bruvvers.

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