Celtic Rat

Celtic Rat by Graeme Keyes (2009)

Graeme Keyes (b. Derry, 1961) is the editorial cartoonist for the Irish Daily Mail, and also works for the Mail on Sunday, for which he writes the strip "D4". He regularly contributes to The Phoenix and Private Eye. Since May 2008 he has run a twice-weekly online cartoon, Celtic Rat, satirising Irish politics and society. He won "Political Humorist of the Year" in 2006, and has published three collections of his cartoons, Hung Like a Small Chicken (Hung Chicken Publications, 1992), Eyeball Soup (Hung Chicken Publications, 1996) and So... Graeme Keyes (New Island Books, 2001). He lives and works in Dublin. With Paul Farrell, he has published two humorous books, Outrageous Guide to the World Cup (Blackstaff Press, 1994) and Stuff it All: The Survivor's Guide to Christmas (The O'Brien Press, 1997)

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