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Irish Comic News is a news website founded by Tommie Kelly in 2011, with contributions from Patrick Brown, Hilary Lawler, David O'Leary, Andrew Luke and Gar Shanley.

Shanley and Luke left during the following year[1], following differences of opinion related to the site's content, with the latter re-publishing his contributions on his own website.

ICN Awards[]


Best Irish indy artist[]

Best indy published Irish writer[]

Best mainstream published Irish artist[]

Best mainstream published Irish writer[]

Best Irish web or digital comic[]

Best Irish indy comic[]

Best Irish creator mainstream published comic[]

  • Zombies Hi
  • Also nominated: Thunderbolts, Venom, PIGS, Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye

Best Irish comic related blog/website[]

Best Irish comic shop[]

Overall best Irish comic[]

Best comic relatd/featured Irish podcast[]

Hall of Fame (individual)[]

Hall of Fame (comic)[]


The inaugural 2011 ICN Awards were announced, after a two-stage public vote, on 1 November 2011. The winners were:

Best self-published Irish artist (2011)[]

Best self-published Irish writer (2011)[]

Best mainstream published Irish artist (2011)[]

Best mainstream published Irish writer (2011)[]

Best Irish webcomic (2011)[]

Best Irish self-published comic (2011)[]

Best Irish creator mainstream published comic (2011)[]

Best Irish comic-related blog or podcast (ICN is exempt)[]

Best Irish comic shop[]

Overall best Irish comic (2011)[]

Hall of Fame (individual)[]

Hall of Fame (comic)[]

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