O'Grady Star Trek

Star Trek: Alien Spotlight cover art by Len O'Grady (2007)

Len O'Grady (b. Dublin, 30 June 1972) is an artist and colourist who grew up in County Limerick and currently lives in New Jersey.

He studied at he National College of Art and Design for five years before joining the comics industry as a colour separator for GCW in 1996. He then went freelance as a colourist, working for 2000AD and AP Comics, and spent some time as house colourist for Com.X in the UK.

Since moving to the to the States in 2006, he has worked on Ares with Mike Oeming and Travel Foreman for Marvel and a variety of titles with IDW and Image. He is currently the colourist on Igor Kordey's l'Histoire Secrete and Keltos, published in France by Delcourt.

As an artist, he has drawn Star Trek and Judge Dredd, and is currently working on the webcomic Farseeker at Act-i-Vate. As of March 2010 he is a contributor to the Eclectic Micks sketchblog.

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