Someforgotten part

Some Forgotten Part by Leonie O'Moore, 2006

Leonie O'Moore is an artist, writer, cartoonist, designer and illustrator originally from Greystones, Co.Wicklow, and currently based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. She studied at the University of Sunderland, gaining a BA in Art and Design in 2000 and an MA in Illustration and Design in 2006.

She has been creating and self-publishing comics since the mid-1990s, and founded, along with Andy Smith, the small press publisher/promoter There Goes Tokyo in 2000. Her work includes Some Forgotten Part (2006), a fully painted graphic novel in which a young man sinks to the bottom of the ocean and awakens to find himself on the brink of an incredible journey; Tag Team (2007), a collection of short strips drawn by O'Moore and written by various writers; and Monstrum Horrendum (2008 and 2009), a series about a team of cryptozoologists facing the terrors of the sea. She has also contributed to numerous anthologies and charity comics for publishers including Accent UK, TGT, and the International Manga Association, and numerous websites. She is the curator of Horny Biker Sluts, a touring art book featuring work by comics artists.

She has been a freelance artist, illustrator and designer since 2003, working on educational leaflets and corporate promotional material as well as books, magazines and pre-production for TV and animation. She teaches workshops in drawing and sequential narratives for clients including Gateshead Council, Sunderland Council, Tyne and Wear Museums and the National Glass Centre. Her art has been exhibited in the UK and the USA.

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