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London Calling is a graphic novel written by Stephen Walsh and drawn by Keith Page, published by Time Bomb Comics in October 2010. In a 1950s London two bus stops from our own, anamnesiac secret agent Charlotte Corday and her sidekick Johnny Pink encounter invading Martians, talking puppets, unexpected cameos, and the vampire-hunting coppers of the Metropolitan “V” Squad as they deal with an outbreak of neck-biting centred on Highgate Cemetery, while always finding time for a swift half and a slap-up supper on the way home afterwards.

A follow-up, Squadron of the Screaming Damned, will be published, again by Time bomb Comics, in October 2013, while the lads of the "V" squad will feature in the 64-page, full-colour Paint It Black, which will be released in early 2014.

Charlotte Corday also features in Walsh and Page's graphic novel The Iron Moon, published by Print Media in spring 2011.

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