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Caricature of Montague Summers, ca. 1925

Matthew Austin Sandford (b. Belfast, 1877; d. London, 30 December 1943) was a cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrator.

Educated at the Government School of Art in Belfast, he contributed cartoons to The Magpie, a Belfast satirical magazine, in 1898, and later to its successor Nomad's Weekly. He joined the staff of The Belfast Telegraph, and created the comic strip "The Doings of Larry O'Hooligan" (later drawn by W. H. Conn) for its sports sister paper Ireland's Saturday Night.

He moved to Manchester, where he worked for the Sunday Chronicle, and then to London, where he drew for the Daily Sketch, The Sketch, the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, The Graphic, the Sunday Graphic, T. P.'s Weekly, the Evening Standard and other publications. In 1922 a book, Sixty Daily Sketch Cartoons of Famous People as "Matt" Sees Them, was published collecting his caricatures. In 1924 he contributed to the Ulster Review, collaborated on Contemporary Personalities with the Earl of Berkenhead, and illustrated Sewell Stokes' Personal Glimpses.


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