Murderdrome (webcomic version, 2010)

Murderdrome is the title of a mobile comic created by writer Al Ewing and artist P. J. Holden. It is an ironic pastiche of certain British "boys adventure" comics of the late seventies, particularly Action. It contains scenes of on-panel decapitation and extremely over-the-top dialogue.

It was created in 2008, specifically for the Apple iPhone, distributed through the App Store using the Comic Reader App developed by Infurious Comics.[1][2] It was rejected by Apple on the grounds of "objectionable content",[3][4][5] but the publicity got the Comic Reader App attention, which resulted in NBC licensing it for their Heroes comics.[6] This lead to BBC suggest "Mr Holden and his colleagues may have accidentally hit upon what could be the future of comic book publishing".[7] Ewing and Holden created the more child-friendly Eye Candy for the iPhone, and are reworking Murderdrome for possible web and print publication.


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