Octocon 2011

Octocon is a science fiction convention that has been held annually since 1990, variously in Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, Maynooth and Blachardstown. It has nearly always some kind of comics presence with Garth Ennis and John McCrea attending in 1992 and 1993. In 1993 Steve Dillon who lived in Raheny Dublin at the time, was Special Comics Guest.

Will Simpson and Paul Peart were subsequent Special Comics Guests.

Octocon X in 1999 saw Tom Mathews as a guest. Other guests have included P. J. Holden, Michael Carroll, Rob Curley, Adam Law, Daryl Walker, Richmond Clements, Bob Byrne, Alan Nolan, Bob Neilson, Hilary Lawler, and 2000AD editor Matt Smith.

Guests of honour who have worked in the comics industry have included, British writer China Miéville in 2002, American comics artist JG Jones in 2006, British comics writer Mike Carey in 2009, British comic artist John Higgins in 2011, American writer Gail Simone in 2013, Irish comic writer Maura McHugh in 2015 and British writers Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent Abnett in 2017.

Octocon 2018 will take place in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Blanchardstown from Friday 19th – Sunday 21st and American comic creator Coleen Doran is guest of honour.

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