1881-08-20 O'Hea Pat 2.2.32

Pat vol. 2 no. 32, 20 August 1881, cover art by John Fergus O'Hea

Pat was an Irish weekly satirical journal published in Dublin by W. P. Swan, beginning in December 1879. It was founded by cartoonist John Fergus O'Hea and writer Edwin Hamilton, who had previously worked on Zozimus and Ireland's Eye. Pat's political sympathies were for Home Rule, although it also featured apolitical material. The character of Pat, the honest Irishman represented as a handsome, good-natured tenant farmer, would appear in cartoons by O'Hea and others in other publications. Pat temporarily stopped publishing in September 1880, but resumed publication in January 1881, with cartoonist Thomas Fitzpatrick joining O'Hea on the title. It finally folded in March 1883, after which Hamilton founded the short-lived magazine The Irish Diamond.


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