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Downpour Cover

Downpour by Peter C. Loftus and Deirdre de Barra (2009)

Peter C. Loftus is an editor, writer and reviewer associated with Longstone Comics.

He wrote "Planet Dave" for the first Longstone Comics anthology (2008), "Caliban 6" and "Bar Flies" for the second (2009), and the story for the third, collaborative issue, "They Came From Outer Space" (2009). Downpour (with artist Deirdre de Barra), was released at 2D in 2009 and is available from Longstone Comics. The fourth Longstone Comics anthology (2010) features "The Murder Room" with Hilary Lawler and "White Canvas" with Kieran McKeown. Smiling at the Sky, with Ian Pettit, was published in 2011. He is currently working on Midnight Sun with artist Oisin Roche.

Peter is always looking to meet new artists and writers and can be contacted through the Longstone website.

Peter is Co-Editor of Albedo 1 magazine. He has published a collection of short stories, Survival in a Void, and is a regular reviewer for the science fiction magazine Interzone and music webzine Eternal Terror.

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