Previously by P. J. Holden (2008)

Previously is a comic by P. J. Holden and various writers, collecting his small press work from 1999-2007, self-published by Holden in 2007.

Contents are:

  • "The Tallyman", written by Gordon Rennie, from Violent! #1, 1999
  • "Bertie's Backyard Bomber", written by Paul Glasswell, from Solar Wind, 2004
  • "Broken Claw: Hot Date Tokyo", written by Stu Taylor, from Neo #1, 2004
  • "The Adventures of Rogue’s Secret Other Biochip Buddy", written by Gordon Rennie, 2002
  • "Horror", written by Kieron Gillen, 2006
  • "Stripped Bare", written by Jaspre Bark, 2004
  • "Dark Judge Wedgie", written by Gordon Rennie, 2003
  • "Facerot", written by Paul Scott, 2005
  • "Rebel Strip", written by P. J. Holden, 2006
  • "Bulldog: Forgetful Snow", written by Jason Cobley, 2003
  • "Strontium Dog: The Day the Dog Died" written by Kelt, 2003
  • "Cages", written by Nick Bronlow, 2004

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