Spell Maffia (2006)

Spell Maffia is a 102 page graphic novel written by John Lee, drawn by Denise O'Moore and published by Aeon Press. It also includes a Father Further story written by Bob Neilson and drawn by O'Moore, a character who got his own comic, Father Further Investigates, in 2006.

"They thought there was only one “F” in Mafia"

Meet Jack Kelly. It is seven thirty in the evening. It is mid-March. He is in the middle of a rapidly darkening forest. He can see about ten yards in any direction. And, by the way, he is totally naked. Ten minutes ago he was holding onto his nuts because he was embarrassed; now he's hanging onto them because he's afraid they're going to fall off from the cold. Somewhere close by lurks a Russian gangster with a gun. What else could he have expected when pitching a bunch of weekend witches against the might of the Russian Mafia (Dublin branch)?

A 102-page graphic novel, written by John Lee and illustrated by Denise O’Moore, including the short story “Father Further Investigates... The Devil in Dingle”.

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