Stephen McAnena is a writer for comics, film, radio and theatre.

His film credits include the short film The Good Son (1998), nominated for the Critics' Week Award at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival; the BBC Schools film Some Things I Don't Know (2000), nominated for a BAFTA in 2001; the Irish language film Ocras (2002), winner of the UIP Award at the 2002 Cork Film Festival; and the low budget horror film Nailed (2006). He collaborated with Nell Leyshon on the radio play Milk (2002), winner of the 2003 Richard Imison Award, and wrote the stage play Stevie's Big Game (2003) for Partisan Productions and the Ballynafeigh Community Development Association. In comics, he is the writer of the Ballynafeigh Community Development Association's graphic novel Back on the Road (2008).

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