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Half Past Danger issue 1, 2013

Stephen Mooney is a comics writer and artist from Dublin, whose work is mainly published by IDW publishing in the USA. After drawing a series of TV spin-offs, IDW is now publishing his creator-owned pulp adventure series Half Past Danger. He also works as an illustrator, concept artist and storyboard artist in advertising, and is a member of the Eclectic Micks sketchblog.

He started out in the Irish small press, drawing "Beating the Rap", written by James A. Mason, for the Atomic Diner anthology Naked Lunch in 2002, and shared the art chores with Stephen Thompson on the first fifteen issues of writer Rob Curley's pop-culture/noir series Freakshow from the same publisher from 2004 to 2006.

He made the move to American comics in 2006, drawing miniseries based on TV's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Angel, Spike and The A-Team, and cinema's The Mummy, for IDW, as well as an abortive Strangeland: Seven Sins miniseries for Fangoria Comics and a Teen Wolf miniseries for MTV comics, between then and mid-2011. He then started work on Half Past Danger, the first issue of which was published by IDW in May 2013.

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