Stephen Paul Coffey

Stephen Paul Coffey (b. 3 October 1975) is a writer from Dublin who has spent some time in the United States. In 2005 he wrote two stories for the first issue of the anthology comic Havoc 21, "Always Forever" and "Unincredible". His children's fantasy novel, Zodiac: A Rosemary Herbb Adventure, about an eleven-year-old girl with magical powers battling her next-door neighbour with the destiny of the planet at stake, was published in 2006. A sequel in comics form, Rosemary Herbb: The Return, with Rosemary now eighteen, was published in two versions, one illustrated by Hilary Lawler in the spring of 2008, another by Barry McGowan in November the same year. Also in November 2008 he published his Irish comedy superhero comic, Celtic Knights, illustrated by Ger Hankey. He is also the creator of the webcomics Bobby the Bot (2008, no longer online), Pogoroboto (2010) and Pogoshots (2011), and has self-published a collection of horror short stories, Love and Other Wounds. In April 2011 he published The Society of the Remarkable Suicide, with art by Cormac Hughes and Rob Carey. He is currently working on a graphic novel, Red Ghost, about a ninja and a mercenary, with co-writer Patrick Burton and artist Rob Carey.

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