Life undead

Life Undead, 2009

Stephen Thompson is an artist from Bayside, Dublin. His realistic, illustrative style has led him to work on biographical and crime comics and TV and film tie-ins.

A graduate of Senior College, Ballyfermot, his first comics work was "Duplicitous", a story about an international art thief written by Murra MacRory in the Atomic Diner anthology Naked Lunch in 2002. The following year drew "Jango's Legacy" in Star Wars: Republic for Dark Horse Comics in the USA. Back in Ireland, he shared the art chores with Stephen Mooney on the first fifteen issues of writer Rob Curley's pop-culture/noir series Freakshow from 2004 to 2006.

Since then he has worked largely for American publishers, most often on film tie-ins, starting with Buckaroo Banzai: Return of the Screw (2006), a three issue miniseries for Moonstone Books, written by Earl Mac Rauch, inked by Keith Williams and coloured by Ken Wolak. Beneath the Valley of the Rage, a four-issue miniseries spun off from the Robert Kutzman film The Rage, written by John Bisson and coloured by Jason Jensen, followed from Fangoria Comics in 2007.

In 2008 began working with IDW Publishing, drawing a five-issue Star Trek miniseries, New Frontier: Turnaround, written by Peter David and coloured by Len O'Grady, and Presidential Material: John McCain, a comics biography of the Republican candidate in the US Presidential Election of that year, written by Andy Helfer and coloured by Len O'Grady, followed by a crime/voodoo graphic novel, Life Undead, with writer Paul Zbyszewski, in 2009. He then moved to Boom! Studios to draw the four issue miniseries Die Hard: Year One, a story from early in the police career of John McClane from the Die Hard films, written by Howard Chaykin and coloured by Matt Wilson. In December 2009 he drew a chapter of the superhero graphic novel 4545, written by Andy Ewington, from British publishers Com.X. In 2010 he drew a Fantastic Four story, "Signals", written by Si Spurrier, in How to Break into Comics the Marvel Way #2 from Marvel Comics.

He is a member of the Eclectic Micks sketchblog, and is working on a self-written graphic novel, Near Death, the development of which he is recording online.

Comics bibliographyEdit

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