Father O'Flynn, one of The 4 Fathers, art by Davy Francis

The 4 Fathers is a forthcoming webcomic by Davy Francis (co-writer and artist) and Alan Nolan (co-writer and colourist), about a singing group of priests who double as paranormal investigators.

The 4 Fathers are an elite group of priests with special abilities which will become more evident as the comic progresses. The priests represent the points of the compass and are sent to locations all over Ireland to combat demons wherever they appear. The town of Bray in County Wicklow is, as everyone knows, the main centre of demons in Ireland, so the story kicks off there. It tells the story of Father Myles Balls, a novice priest who joins the other fathers after the loss of his predecessor, Father Block. Here, he joins Father Zapelli, Father Artemus and Father O’Flynn.

"I’d worked with Alan and Ian Whelan on a strip for Sancho," explains Davy, "and when I had the idea for the 4 Fathers, I approached Alan as I felt it was in a similar vein to Sancho. We’re doing it the Marvel way - we rough out the story page by page, I draw the strip, scan it then e-mail it to Alan, who colours it and adds the dialogue. Normally, I work to a script, but this is the first way I’ve tried the Marvel approach, and it’s actually a very refreshing and inspiring way of making a comic."

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