The Black Panel is a distribution service run from Belfast by Andrew Luke. The Panel was formed by Patrick 


Logo designed by Patrick Brown, 2010

Brown late in 2009, assembling a large collection of small press comics by Irish creators. It is purported to be the largest collection of Independent Irish comics available. 

It's most recent incarnation was in occupying a section of the Haymarket Arcade in Avalon Arts' The Craft Shop. The store closed mid-March 2013. 

The Black MarketEdit

Brown and Luke sold the range of approximately sixty Irish-produced comics at the monthly Black Market held at the Black Box, Hill Street on the first Sunday of every month  The locally renowned Black Market was run as a joint venture between the Black Box and Trans Urban Arts, 


a cross-community organisation. During this time, The Black Panel also exhibited at the Black Books events running each months of 2010 , and the Trans and Belfast Council Chilli Fest 2010. 

Black panel

Brown and Luke at The Black Box

Shop Within A ShopEdit

The Markets ceased running in late 2011, after which time Luke took on the central running of the service. The

Black panel at haymarket

Black Panel was re-positioned as "a shop within a shop", offering stores support and publicity in exchange for stocking works on a sale-or-return percentage basis.

The Panel operated for a brief time in Avalon Arts' The Craft Shop, located in The Haymarket Arcade. Although only there a month, (Feb-March 2013), over thirty comics were stocked at the site.

Titles StockedEdit

Titles available include:

A complete list can be found in the catalogue.

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