Marcel Angel by Andrew Luke

The Implausibility of Reason was published in Belfast, and ran for four issues between 2000-2001, detailing the escapades of convicts Marcel Angel, Milo and Chiquita.

Told in the first person by author Marcel Angel and illustrated and published by associate Richard Barr and Andrew Luke, using the Leaflit format devised by John Robbins - namely, that of an A3 sheet folded twice to create an A5 booklet for pulling out. Luke sent Angel's sixty page script to Scottish creator Malcy Duff, who provided rough character sketches for the first twenty pages.

Stuart Luke was brought on board to assist the inexperienced Barr and Luke with the first issue, and remained as a contributor until the conclusion of the first story arc with issue three. John Robbins co-illustrated the cover to Issue 5, but by then Luke and Barr had lost interest. They have not ruled out the possibility of reprinting the collection as an expanded package.

Cover to the final issue of Implausability of Reason, issue four, by Andrew Luke

Told in first person, Marcel Angel detailed his escape with friend Milo from the confines of prison. Angel was a rugged swaggering type. Milo had been surgically altered so as to have a penis in his mouth. The third member of the group was Chiquita, an eighty year old Mexican who had hatched fully-formed from the body of a prostitute Milo had been having sex with. The three went on the run in modern day Ulster, pursued by Jeremiah Friendly, an ambitious cop with psychic visions and his partner, Herbert Sherbert, who had an unhealthy erotic fixation for Frank Sinatra's music.

The style of Implausibility was not dissimilar to Preacher, though most of the authors had not read it at the time. Angel and Barr quote Kerouac, Bukowski and Burroughs as influences. Though largely humorous, the booklet wasn't well received given the highly explicit sexual and violent content. This was particularly so, given the media's recent Paedogeddon mania, and the inclusion of a character named Paedo Pete.

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