Tom Kline (born Belfast, 6 October 1972) is the writer of "Witchhunter", drawn by P. J. Holden, which appeared in Domain (1994-95) and DNA Swamp (1997). He attended Queen's University, and between 1991 and 1997 wrote, directed and performed in a series of well-received plays in Belfast, Cork, Galway and Dublin, including writing "Snap" (Belfast Festival 1994), The Tin Man (Award for New Writing ISDA 1995), "The Ark" (Downtown Radio Writer's Award 1995), Fiducci's Corpse (Award for Contribution to Irish Theatre ISDA 1996), and Bogart's Sleeping (Nominated ISDA 1997), "Lady Lindy" (Commissioned by Theatre-Go-Round, Mass., US, 2005). Kline is now based in Shanghai, China.

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