Zombies Hi

Zombies Hi is a zombie comic series published by Uproar Comics in Derry. The title strip is a serial in which Derry's inhabitants try to hold out against a zombie invasion in the Walled City, written by Danny McLaughlin, drawn by Kevin "Gio" Logue and inked by John Campbell. Plotlines include Paddy, a Catholic police officer whose father, who hasn't spoken to him since he joined the police, is infected with the zombie virus and wants his son to put him out of his misery before he succumbs.

Each issue also contains back-up strips and prose short stories by various hands, mostly set during the same zombie apocalypse.

  • The first issue, published in July 2011, includes a short story, "The Briefest Smile", by Holly Stinson and Gio, with illustrations by Gio, and a colour comic strip, "Ties of Blood" by Danny and Gio, which previously appeared in Walled City Dreams.
  • Issue 2, published later the same year, contains two short stories, "I'm writing this so they know I tried" (uncredited, but Holly Stinson has a cover credit) and "New Blood" by Ursula Duddy, two comic strips, "Fearless", written and pencilled by Darren McCay and inked and lettered by Gio, and "Biting Point" by David Campbell.
  • Issue 3, published later in 2011, has a cover by Joe Cohen and contains two short stories, "Double Shift", by Alan Healy with illustrations by David Campbell, and "Reverse Engineered" by Holly Stinson and Gio, and two comic strips, "Last Call" by Mike Lynch and Joe Campbell, and "Pure Derryfied" by Paul Ruairi Devine.
  • Issue 4 has a cover by Stefano and a back cover by Adam Prescott. It includes a short story, "Incident on a Back Road" by Alan Healy ("after Joe R. Lansdale") with illustrations by David Campbell, and two comic strips, "An Undead Friday" by Studio Elephant (Giorgio and Matteo Franzoni), and "Love Never Dies", written by Gio and drawn by Matthew H. Smyth.
  • The fifth issue, released on 13 April 2012, contains two comic strips "Family Values, or What Happened to a Boy on Undead Friday" by Studio Elephant, and an untitled strip by Adam Prescott.

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